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Three Easy Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Freezer

Your freezer is responsible for keeping all of your extra food cold until you need it. It is easy to forget about your freezer until something happens to it. Here are three things you can do to make sure that you are taking proper care of your freezer.

#1 Clean Off The Coils 

The condenser coils are on the back of the freezer. The condenser coils are responsible for keeping your freezer at the right temperature. When they get damaged or clogged, your freezer may stop working properly and you could lose all the food that is inside of your freezer.

One way to ensure that your freezer continues to run effectively over the long term is by taking care of your condenser coils. Pull out your freezer so you can access the back of it. Then, use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to clean off the condenser coils. Be careful to not damage the coils.

Once you clean off the condenser coils, vacuum the rest of the back of your freezer as well. Dust getting into the internal components of your freezer can cause a lot of damage.

When you are done cleaning and put your freezer back into place, make sure that you leave enough room for air to circulate around the condenser coils. There should be at least a couple of inches of space between your freezer and the nearest wall.

#2 Keep Your Freezer At The Right Temperature

Next, another great way you can take care of your freezer is by keeping it at the proper temperature. If you want everything in your freezer to stay cold like it is supposed to, keep your freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If your freezer doesn't have an internal thermometer, purchase one that you can put in your freezer to check the temperature.

Keeping your freezer at the right temperature will not only ensure that your food stays nice and cold, it will also reduce the stress on your freezer so that it doesn't have to work so hard. When your freezer is not at the right temperature, it can but additional stress as well as wear and tear on your freezer's motor.

#3 Clean Your Freezer

Finally, you should empty at your freezer and clean it at least twice a year. Wipe off all the walls and shelves. A great cleaning solution is a mixture of dish soap and water. You don't need any complex products to clean your freezer.

If there is any ice built up in your freezer, try to chip it away. You can also melt it with a hair dryer; just be sure to clean up the water immediately. Using a hair dryer is a great way to get rid of extra ice without unplugging your freezer and letting it melt away.

Be sure to clean the door seal as well; dirt can easily built up there and compromise the quality of your seal.

Use the three simple steps above to keep your freezer in prime working condition.