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Air Conditioner Maintenance: 2 Ways To Keep Your System Running Properly

If you have purchased an expensive air conditioner, you probably want to make sure it continues to operate efficiently for many years to come. There are some people who have had the same air conditioning units for over a decade, so it is possible to keep your unit running properly for a while if you are focused on keeping up with all of the maintenance involved:

1. Clean The Filters Regularly

Some people forget all about the filters inside of their air conditioners. As a result, so many different dust particles that are flying around the room will eventually get stuck to those filters, causing a major blockage.

If your filter is loaded with dust, the parts inside of your system will have to work even more to suck in that hot air and transfer it over to cold air. You could end up overworking the air conditioner and ruining some of the parts. If you want to keep this from happening, remove the filter on a weekly basis and clean it out.

Consider using a handheld vacuum to suck away at some of the pieces of dust that are attached to the filter. After using the handheld vacuum, you may still have some dust embedded into the filter. You would need to place it in the sink with warm water and a drop or two of dish detergent, allowing it to soak for about 15 minutes. Once those 15 minutes pass, pull the filter out of the water and wipe it down gently with a clean hand towel.

Cleaning out the filter is necessary. If you take the extra time to clean it out at least once a week, you may be able to prevent your air conditioner from overworking itself.

2. Inspect the Parts on a Monthly Basis

The air conditioning parts must be in good working order or else the system is not going to work properly. Even if you are feeling some cool air inside of your home, you should still inspect the different parts of your air conditioner at least once a month to make sure they are clean and not damaged. If you notice dust or dirt on some of the parts, consider dusting them off with a cloth or a flexible dusting wand.

If any of the parts do look a bit damaged, you could get in touch with specialists who sell assorted air conditioning parts. Rather than spending even more money on an entirely new air conditioner, those specialists could help you replace the old parts with newer ones, which will help you save money while keeping your air conditioner working right.

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