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Find Out Why Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator Is Freezing Your Food

Has your sub-zero refrigerator's performance changed? If so, you are likely wondering if you will need to get repairs. There are a variety of issues that warrant repairs. One of them is the refrigerator portion freezing. This can be frustrating and may lead to some foods needing to get discarded. Many homeowners do not realize that they need to get refrigerator maintenance. It is the best defense against malfunctions. The following points identify a few things that can cause sub-zero refrigerator freezing. 

Temperature Setting

This is the first thing that should be checked. If the temperature setting has been changed, it can affect the performance of the appliance. This might happen if more than one individual is residing in a home. One might think that the refrigerator isn't cooling to their expectations and lower the temperature. It is also possible for changes in usage to result in a need to adjust the temperature. A refrigerator that is almost full of food will likely require a different cooling temperature than one that is partially full. Faulty thermostats may also cause this problem.

Seal Issues

A refrigerator needs to close completely to cool as intended. If there are gaps in the seals, it will lead to issues with performance. It is possible for seals to get damaged due to normal wear and tear. This is an issue that would likely be detected during routine maintenance. Sub-zero refrigerators that do not close and seal completely will have pressure issues that can lead to ice formation and freezing. The complex temperature controls in the appliance might also sense a cooling issue from the faulty seal and attempt to compensate for it. This will likely lead to the unit attempting to work harder to produce optimal coolness.

Clogged Drain or Tube

Defrost drains and tubes that do not get routinely cleaned and flushed may get clogged. These key components play important roles in automatic defrosting. If a unit cannot defrost itself, it will lead to ice buildup. This type of issue needs to be treated as an emergency sub-zero refrigerator repair. If it is left unaddressed, the refrigerator will leak and could cause water damage.

Condenser Issues

This is another critical part of refrigerators. During routine maintenance, appliance repair technicians clean condensers and other components that may be prone to dust buildup. Refrigerators are usually backed against a wall, and homeowners may not realize that they have serious dust accumulation. If the substance is not cleaned away, it will lead to malfunctionings such as freezing and eventually broken parts. 

For more information about sub-zero refrigerator repair, contact a local appliance service company.